Thursday, 29 January 2015

Whiplash // Film Of The Year & It's Only January

Omg….if you are only going to watch one film this year you have to make it "Whiplash". This will be by far the film of the year, I know its only January but I will ask you in January 2016 what your favourite film of 2015 was and I guarantee you will say "Whiplash"
Miles Teller and J.K.Simmons have a fantastic relationship on camera….Not!! J.K.Simmons's is boarder line evil with a goal of only getting the best out of his students, even to the point of suicide(no miles does not die). Andrew(Miles Teller) doesn't give up and lives,breathes, sleeps, eats drumming to the point where his hands are so saw and blistered(real blood). 

There are lots of twist and turns and even until the very last scene you are gripped to your seat. 
If you Love music and Love Jazz then you will Love Whiplash! 

Good Job Damien Chazelle
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