Friday, 13 September 2019

Melodic Techno music producer NHOAH returns with latest song

It’s release day for NHOAH as he shares his latest track, ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’ via R.O.T respectortolerate. The track is marriage of synth melodies and techno, driven forward by state-of-the-art production technology. We previously featured NHOAH when he released, ‘I Can’t Satisfy You’. You can read that piece here.

Though NHOAH’s label is based in Berlin, he also has two studios in Vienna where he visits frequently to embrace the local music scene. This multitalented artist has also written two biographical short stories called ‘THE BERLIN DIARIES’, for the book ‘City Primeval’, by R. Carrithers and Luis Armand.

Ontop of this, he also released ‘Kohle Oel Erdgas - Ken Hayakawa´s & T Raum´s Climate Change Remix’ fifteen days ago. The track is devoted to his passion to bring down the super majors in the oil industry. “It is urgently necessary in the future to get along without KOHLE OEL ERDAGAS as an energy producer.”

When speaking about ‘Between Vienna And The Stars’, NHOAH tells us “Because of my live shows and DJ gigs, I am regularly in different cities. These short stays influence my artistry very much. The people in the streets as well as the audience on the dance floor are the most important factors, but also the districts where I live in the city, my breakfast, the subway, the nights, the skyline that appears with the first sunbeams, the posters on the walls and the music that comes from the cafés. Very often I’ve written songs directly after the shows, often in the morning before I fall into bed. Each of these tracks has become like a travel diary for me.”
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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Interview with ÜKrenek out of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ükrenek is all about industrial techno. His music is based on a deep and tortured kick over rhythmic, tribal percussion.

In his teenage years, he DJ’d at the local club in the city, soon he turned his attention to electronic music and decided to transform his hobby into a career. When he finished school he travelled to Buenos Aires to study at EMBA (Electronic Music School in Buenos Aires) to perfect his techniques and abilities.
During this time he organised events in the big city with his college buddies, establishing the Wertz Electronic Group.

We are pleased to present an exclusive interview with Ükrenek alongside his track 'Basement', a pick from his latest release "Torture Detected", released via Portuguese Techno label Trau-ma on August 12th, 2019.

Looking back, what were some of your earliest entries into music appreciation? And music production?
When I was a child, I used to watch many electronic music recitals, such as Time Warp and Awakenings, etc. I have been influenced by tribal music, mixed with alternative rock and cinema sound, besides, genres like dub-techno & dark ambient, merging them creating dark atmospheres. When I was 19 I started studying at EMBA, (Electronic Music School in Buenos Aires) , the electronic music producer career, where I learned techniques to manipulate my knowledge much better.

What would you like to achieve with your music? What does success look like to you?
Achieve with the music, transmission with the music and my sensation with it, and be able to meet the whole world, with the most I like in life, the music.

What key pieces of gear/software are you using to define your sound?
Technically talking, I have a studio in my residence, in which I count with  monitors, Akai MIDI key controller, KORG synthesizer ,a KOMPLETE audio sound card. And software, Ableton Live 10 because it seems much versatile for my creations.

What/who are some of your greatest musical influences?
As I said before, I have been influenced by Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Krafwerk, Front, Plastikman and others.

Outside of music, what inspires you?
Apart of the music, I have too many hobbies, such as skateboarding, sailor, skiing, travel around my country and the world, enjoying the landscapes and discovering new cultures.

What kind of relationship do you have with the internet? How does this inform your artistic expression?
Nowadays, I think the Internet is the most useful tool in the world, because you have the opportunity to get known in the world, just by tapping on a screen. Because of that, I am doing my best on my creations, and working in parallel with my social networks, to show the people my music expressions.

How has your approach to writing and producing music shifted from when you started?
I started listening to a lot of music, trying to catch some techniques so then I can use it on my projects, and during the last years, I was improving that techniques and by them creating my new ones.

As a performer or as a member of the audience, what single show has been the most memorable for you?
One of the most memorable presentations as a DJ, was last year in the most popular Techno Club in Argentina, Cocoliche (Actually I continue being a resident of the club); in which Adam Beyer made a presentation too.

Any new or upcoming artists on your radar?
TWCOR, MODIG, Sebastian Kramer,  74185# , A4, Exsiderurgica , Endlec and others.

Please suggest an album for us to listen to.
Torture Detected & Nemesis on Beatport or BandCamp, my favourite.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?
A record label for my events producers "Wertz Electronic Group" and new releases that i have been preparing.

Famous last words?

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Friday, 30 August 2019

∇▲ FEATURED SONG ▲∇ 'Parable 2', an excerpt from the fantastically twisted tale that is Holldën's "Parable" EP

Holldën, aka Crown of Plenty, is the Portuguese techno DJ and producer behind techno/ambient label Kuiper Noise, a platform for new and established talents and one with a strong creative ethos and stringent quality control.

"All I care about is creating and be worthy of those who reach out to me. You see, maybe it’s naive to think this, but I believe the value of work should be front and centre in the music business. It’s not. But it should be if we’re to keep the so-called underground alive." Holldën said in his recent interview with The Playground.

He is also a member of Disturb, the promoters turned label from Lisbon focused on contemporary techno.

Holldën's latest EP Parable is out on trau-ma, the techno label based in Portugal run by Robert S (PT).

"As I improve I’m also more humbled by the task at hand. I’m better now at choosing elements that go together. But I keep my options open. I like to build elements from scratch. That’s the adventure right there! A tiny grain of surprise can do wonders for a song, it can generate whole new challenges. Not all sound is equal. Some things don’t work well together. So one thing you have to learn is to say “no” a lot. “No” is better than “yes” in music. “Yes” is easy. But it numbs the mind and makes you a slave to chaos."

Listen to our select from the EP, 'Parable 2', below.

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Monday, 22 July 2019

Interview with techno artist Alexander Church

In 2001 Alexander Church turned his then 7-year love affair with electronic music into his very own offspring in the form of industrial techno and melodic soundscapes of his own making. This child now grown into maturity has resulted in the artist's own label Configurations of Self. This label has come as a sort of self-therapy/explanatory session through which Church hopes to reflect on his own life, journey and where he is in that moment. And then, in turn, use that platform to help others do the same - “I aim to help other people who are living their lives in a dysfunctional and self-sabotaging way.”

Alexander Church lent a bit of his time to us for a few questions about his craft, how it all started for him and how important an artists psychology is to their art.    

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

Mmmm, that’s a difficult one, I would say that my sound depends on my mood and feeling at the time. Currently, I’d say my sound was melodic and humanistic, it kind of represents a shift and change in my life, however, this can change over time and dark industrial music can take over.

How did it all start for you?

It all started around 1996 when I was fortunate enough to be given a YTS at my local record shop, the Disc in Bradford. I was completely consumed by vinyl and all kinds of releases from industrial techno coming from France and the UK based techno and rave scene. I was only 17, however, I would go to the UK raves and immerse myself in the darker sound of techno. My knowledge of the scene and the music releases was quite comprehensive, I used to catalogue my vinyl releases in order and knew all the cat numbers and track titles of all the releases I had. I used to go to the phone box every week and call a small distributor in Paris, who would send me these rare limited industrial noise records. At the raves, I always remember the PRS workers who were tasked with logging down each of tracks the DJs were playing, the DJs were supposed to pass their vinyl to the PRS so they can be catalogued. One of my favourite DJs at the time (The DJ Producer), would never let anyone else touch his vinyl’s, so his sets could never be documented, I asked the PRS if I could have a go at documenting his set, He played his set and I knew every single track, label, artist and cat number he played. After his set, he was shown the document and he was like who did this? And they pointed to me, he came over and was like wow that is awesome, from that moment he helped me with production and making tracks and invited me to his studio so I could watch how he made music, things started to gather momentum from there and I started to collect synths hardware and practised making music.

What three albums would you say influenced your sound the most?

Ed Rush and Optical Wormhole
Bladerunner Soundtrack 
FantasiaTwice as Nice 

Are there any key pieces of equipment that you can't live without?

I am quite a keen synth collector and in the past, I have been guilty of thinking that the equipment I have defines the output I get. It took me a lot of years and a lot of money wasted to realise that time spent learning my equipment is much more valuable than the money spent on my equipment. Currently, I am using the Dave Smith OB-6 and the Prophet 6 a lot, they are fantastic synths full of richness, I would be a little lost without them, however, If needed I could live without them.

What are some of your key influences in your music? Whether it be the sound created by others, imagery, films or any kind of art form.

My key influences have always been using music to help me capture my emotions sadness and inner struggles. I had to take a few years away from music, as I started to let my sessions in the studio define my mood. I would feel pressured to make something and feel happy and joyful if it went well, and then sad and down if I could not put anything together. It was a really dark time and I needed to escape from music a little. Now I am not defined by my music making and am using my studio time as self-reflection and a means of understanding the pain and hurt of others, I am studying to become a counselling psychologist and part of my journey involves working with people and trying to help them through depression, anxiety, bereavement and all kinds of abuse. When I finish my work with clients, I usually come home and go into the studio. This helps me capture my feelings and process what is going on for me. I have also started to use rural locations and photography as a means of escapism too. It’s a release for me and the basis of my new label called Configurations of Self. 

What is one sub-genre you think doesn't get the attention it deserves?

I struggle with the categorisation of music and genres and sub-genres if I am honest. There is so much now it really is hard to keep up with it. I do like and follow the ambient noise and drone scene a little though. In terms of it having more recognition or not. I could not really answer that.

Any new or upcoming artists on your radar?

To be honest, I am not very good at keeping up with the scene and would not know who new or old artists were, I missed a few years away while I pursued other things, so I am just catching up a little. I do however buy lots of vinyl from Decks and Juno, and sometimes buy digital releases too. I must say there is some amazing music out there at the moment and some very talented producers, regardless of genre I try to look for depth in a track and I always try to imagine what the artist was thinking when they made the track, what triggered them into using the sounds they used and what processes were going on inside for them. I do also love the artwork for labels especially vinyl, sometimes there is so much to listen too, I might be drawn to the cover or the artwork and it will make me stop and listen.

What makes your live performances different from the rest?

Currently, I am working with my friend on developing a VR based performance that we are trying to put together. It's in its early stages of development, however, we want to perform it at an art or media centre. A few years ago, I played a live set with my friend Martin under our Dronelock guise. We immersed ourselves in this stage and media was beamed around us as we played live with some modular and other equipment. It was great fun, however, it was really stressful setting everything up and praying it all worked. I would never take as much gear out these days, for our VR project I am using an Octatrack MK2 and MPC live synced and it's really fun, I would not call it live, however, the combination allows you to experiment a lot.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a performer? As an attendee?

Far too many memorable nights to mention. When I was younger, it was the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes and The Void in Stoke On Trent, as I got older I’d say Fabric and Tresor in Berlin, Sonar by Day and Woodstock in Amsterdam are my favourite places as an attendee. I have not really performed in many places however Corsica Studios in London was a great venue to perform.

What is your favourite venue of all time?

To be honest, I have to say Woodstock in Amsterdam is my favourite venue of all time, the sound, the location, the people - it is an amazing place to go. I would recommend it to anyone. It finishes around 11.30 pm too, I can’t party like I used to anymore. From a nostalgic perspective, I would have to say the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

My plan in terms of projects is to grow my Configurations of Self label and use this as an output to process my thoughts and feelings as I progress with my academic study. I am learning about lots of psychological theory and will present theory, media and music with each release on the label. If I can also work on the VR project I’d like people to be able to go on a journey of my mind while they listen to the releases and submerse themselves in Virtual Reality.

Famous last words?

Drink plenty of water daily – it solves a lot of issues and helps us feel good.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Boris Brejcha drops melodic techno roller ‘Gravity’

Marking his first release of the year, German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha returns with high-energy single ‘Gravity’, out today via Ultra Music.

 Clocking in at over nine minutes, it’s an immersive track that takes the listener on a high-octane journey. The melodic breakdown roughly midway through allows Berlin-based singer-songwriter Laura Korinth to apply her ethereal, transcendental vocals, before the thumping kick-drum returns and jolts the single back to life. ‘Gravity’ also features a ten-and-a-half minute long extended version, a shortened radio edit and a sombre, downbeat piano edit delivered by Nick Schwenderling.

 The release comes amidst a typically stacked summer schedule for Brejcha, with a set alongside compatriot and fellow techno titan Sven Vath at Ibiza’s Ushuaïa Beach Hotel preceding two of his own ‘Boris Brejcha F*ckin Serious’ parties at Hï Ibiza. This will be followed up by six North American dates to round off the month of August, as he takes his idiosyncratic brand of dance music to Halcyon in San Francisco (23rd), Exchange in LA (24th), Space in Miami alongside Chris Leibing (30th), and more. 

 Emerging onto the scene with the double release of ‘Monster’ and ‘Yellow Kitchen’ back in 2006, Brejcha has spent the years since developing his own style of music, coined as ‘High-Tech Minimal’. Most recently he dropped a track on the Best Of Cloning Sound compilation to mark the tenth anniversary of the imprint.

 Released ahead of a slew of performances at some of the world’s finest clubs, Boris Brejcha’s first single of 2019 marks the next chapter in the story of one of electronic music’s most prolific artists.

To find out more about Boris Brejcha, go to:
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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Techno Artist VII Circle will release his album 'From The Depths' on Barcelona's HEX Recordings in September

Techno dynamite VII Circle to deliver ‘From the Depths’ on Barcelona’s HEX Recordings in September.

Appearing in 2016, VII Circle’s post-punk and metal inspired techno have arrived on labels like Flyance Records, Illegal Alien Records and their own Rapid Eye Movement. When not performing in Poland, Germany, Spain and Georgia the talented VII Circle is a regular at HEX’s renowned Barcelona-based techno events. Having contributed a remix to the debut release he now returns to HEX Recordings for the label’s second outing with a release inspired by Dante’s Inferno.

‘Conflict’ opens the release with fast-paced percussion, sustained atmospherics and frenzied high hats before ‘Arise’ weaves acid dipped synths into metallic clashes and hard-hitting stabs. ‘Timeless’ is next, pairing haunting textures with stormy effects, leading into ‘END’ which swiftly builds into a powerful cut complete with growling bass. Tying everything together, Nexe Records founders NX1 remix ‘Conflict’ incorporating warped frequencies and a murky low-end.

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Some of their previous work:

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Friday, 24 May 2019

Music Composer and Talented Drummer NHOAH Releases His new song ‘I Can’t Satisfy You’

German electronic producer and drummer, NHOAH released his new single ‘I Can’t Satisfy You’ on 17 May via R.O.T following his last single ‘Mountain Calls’ which released with a stunning video by Mickael La Goff was premiered by TRAX Magazine.

For this track, NHOAH built it around the sound of a preaching sermon. The goal is to take the approach as if aimed at a congregation and with an intent to inspire unity and a motivation for makind to have a greater love for one another. 

NHOAH himself explains it, “... I love to work on this kind of music, to pass on to people parts of my experiences, and see how it waves over the dancefloor. When I play my music on stage, I am a listener and dancer in the audience as well. To evoke emotions and share a subconscious level with the listener is a wonderful thing. ‘I Can`t Satisfy You’ is directed to the inner self, the one with a twinkle in its eye. The track is my attempt to intensify the music by using certain words. I hope it will give you something new, or at least something you want to experience once more.”

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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Artist Luca Mortellaro Introduces a new song 'The Light Touch'

Caustic, dense and centred around complex but exquisitely executed percussive motifs and driven, rising sequences – many would argue an alliance between Shifted’s heady, monochrome recordings and Lucy’s beloved Stroboscopic Artefacts label is long overdue. The music draws on much of the British producer’s previous work, assembled carefully using a characteristic sonic palette – but as ever, Brewer finds fresh space between sounds – showing off a tentatively more extroverted side to his work.

Title track 'The Light Touch' is perhaps one of Shifted’s more idiosyncratic pieces. Instantly recognisable with it’s heavily granular finish and subtle shifts in delay and reverb composition, the track is rich with groove and moves relentlessly across it’s five minute run time.

Seel showcases the artist’s talent for building tension with minimal elements – built around a single warping lead, noise racks drift in and out of the mix to generate effective builds and subtle releases. EP closer, Mixen, riffs on it’s predecessor’s approach but strips back the percussive elements further and ups the ante with searing drone signals rising up above the lead sequence driving the track.
As ever, Brewer’s musical output looks to the heart of the genre – remaining true to purist sensibilities that favour economy of sonic components and studio prowess over unnecessary fanfare, but all the while forging new ground & refining a genuinely personal aesthetic. 

A powerful debut on a label in fine form that represents some of the best of the British artist’s work.

SATOTEM004 Shifted // June 21st

SATOTEM005 Denise Rabe // July 12th

SATOTEM006 Zeitgeber // September 6th

SATOTEM007 Adriana Lopez // October 4th
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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Music Artists Alina Izolenta and Kamil Ea, known as PTU, present their debut album 'Am I Who I Am' on трип.

Alina Izolenta and Kamil Ea, the duo more formally known as PTU, present their debut album Am I Who I Am on трип.

The origins of PTU can be traced back to the early 00s, which found the duo spending their formative years experimenting with analog synths and sharing music onto each other’s hard drives. The physicality of this approach went on to have an immeasurable effect on their aesthetic, which bears an unmistakable live feel - rich with improvisation and surprises.

A relatively sparse discography might mislead you from the fact that they have over a decade of experience delving into the strangest depths of analog hardware and jamming on obscure synths. A brief 2016 appearance on the трип concept album When I was 14 was followed by the emergence of ‘A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day’ - a stand out track on Nina Kraviz’ fabric 91 mix - which went on to become the title track for their highly acclaimed 2017 debut EP. Now, the duo present their singular, uncategorisable take on electronic music across a full length album.

Assimilating references to techno and IDM, but placing them in far less familiar structures, PTU’s productions breathe life into precise rhythmic patterns with equal doses of energy, experimentation and humour. Their music (just about) files under techno, but their approach to composition rejects genre boundaries of any kind, opting instead for a free-form exploration of the weird and wonderful.

Across twelve tracks, they cut and chop their way through frenetic marching drums and spiralling acid leads, awakening an army of malfunctioning robots as they go. Whilst Am I Who I Am boasts a vast spectrum of bizarre ideas - often introduced at high velocity - each one is executed with a skillful dose of restraint, summoning energy from microscopically detailed arrangements. From the angular maximalism of ‘Castor & Pollux’ to the eerie polyrhythms of ‘After Cities’ and the relentless hammer drills of ‘Sirocco’, PTU find life in the most extraordinary of places.

Following on from a series of stand-out appearances on трип, Am I Who I Am is a thrilling voyage into techno’s strangest sector.

artist: PTU
title: Am I Who I Am
label: трип
date: 17th June 2019
cat. #: TRP024
format: vinyl | digital
vinyl pre-order: clone

 a1. doc 22
a2. pursuit of a shadow
a3. castor and pollux
b1. after cities
b2. former me
b3. how does it feel
c1. over
c2. copper mines, new machines and the future conspiracy
c3. which word is the coldest
d1. sirocco
d2. skyscript
d3. i heard you breathe

PTU perform live at Hyperreality Festival in Vienna this Friday 17th May, alongside label head Nina Kraviz.
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Friday, 29 March 2019

Techno Producer NHOAH Releases His Gripping Music Video 'Mountain Calls'

Berlin-based techno producer, NHOAH has released quite the music video on 29 March. The track entitled ‘Mountain Calls’ comes to the world as an offering from R.O.T (resoectortolerate records) and the music video premiered on the Reveral Music Youtube channel on 22 March as well as serving as a taste teaser for an album set to drop sometime in 2019.

The music video itself is just a visual burst of both organic landscapes and spacey graphics. While the camera pans over rocky ridges as individual spheres float atop the peaks and canyons. These spheres look to represent planets within our beautiful planet Earth. A meeting of a few worlds perhaps. 

When explaining the message behind the music video for ‘Mountain Calls’ NHOAH describes the idea of elements that seemingly contradict each other and his desire to fuse those elements, “Vienna has become my second hometown. As a Berliner, who has seen a lot, I feel inspired by the people here and the incredible nature. A wave of music has burst out of me. I tried to bring together events which appear to exist in distinctly different worlds. The fusion of a traditional call with techno music, the power of the mountain with melting glaciers, the vision of a saving from above (depicted in video) with the kicking of my nanoparticles. All of this makes “Mountain Calls".

Watch 'Mountain Calls' here.

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

OFFSónar Reveals The Lineups for Detroit Love x Rush Hour, Bonobo Presents The Outlier and Amelie Lens Presents Exhale

Bringing Europe's biggest party weekend of the summer into sharper focus, OFFSónar announce lineups for Detroit Love x Rush Hour, Bonobo Presents Outlier and Amelie Lens Presents Exhale adding to those  previously announced for Innervisions Barcelona and OFFSónar Closing Party.

Detroit Love - Friday 19th July 2019
Offering an homage to house and techno music, Detroit Love join forces with Rush Hour to bring electrifying party vibes to Poble Espanyol's beautiful El Monasterio and Capra & Picnic arenas on Friday 19th July. With label head Carl Craig leading the charge for Detroit Love, he's enlisted a roster of the city's finest to join him. 

Legendary DJ and producer Moodymann returns after delivering a stand-out set for last year's showcase, whilst J Dilla collaborator and genre-bending producer Wajeed will perform a hotly anticipated live set.  The unbound energy of DJ Stingray, promises a high-octane session with flavours of electro and techno, and one-woman funk machine, Holographic completes the roster. 

Rush Hour - Friday 19th July 2019
Topping the bill for Rush Hour, Hunee goes back-to-back with label founder Antal. A now revered pairing, the duo are renowned for seamless sets that bounce beats like light off a mirror ball. Veteran DJ I-F joins the ranks, delivering a set that's sure to have plenty of surprises. Taking the Poble Espanyol crowd on a journey through futurist grooves, Interstellar Funk will bring his distinctive style and expansive record collection to the Carpa stage, while Young Marco is also set to appear, known for his impeccable track selection and playful performances, as well as open minded Swiss selector Sassy J and a live set from rising stars of improvised folk techno Insanlar rounding things off, having just announced a new LP - Demedim Mi - with Rush Hour.

Bonobo Presents Outlier - Sunday 21st July 2019
Reaching a sublime finale on Sunday 21st July, Bonobo's Outlier touches down in Barcelona. Having garnered worldwide acclaim for the long-running series, Bonobo enlists an array of DJs that refuse to be constrained by genre. Following on from sending his music into space last year with the Sónar Calling project, , Agoria promises to take party-goers to another planet with his famed 'drift' style, a method that melds techniques and crosses musical boundaries in unique fashion, while Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs showcases glimpses of his eagerly-anticipated new material. In what is a highly anticipated return to the international stage. The immersive sonics of Mathew Jonson (Live) and the strutting off-kilter house that rRoxymore excels at will provide further highlights throughout the day.

Amelie Lens Presents Exhale - Sunday 21st July 2019
Amelie Lens' Exhale series has been making waves for some time and for good reason. Now established as one of dance music's main players, Lens brings a swath of euphoric floor fillers to Poble Espanyol alongside fellow compatriot and techno master Farrago, with Elixyr boss Airod and exciting rising talent Milo Spykers completing the bill. 

The new events add considerable weight to the series which previously announced Innervisions Barcelona, a programme that features the likes of Âme b2b Dixon, KiNK (Live) b2b Frank Wiedmann (Âme Live), Avalon Emerson, Courtesy, Gerd Janson, Haai, John Talabot, Marcel Dettmann, Marcus Worgull, Or:La and SRDV (Live) - Radio Slave and Patrick Mason, and the epic OFFSónar Closing Party with Carl Cox, Dubfire, Lil Louis, Nastia and Brina Knauss.

From start to finish, OFFSónar 2019 offers something truly special, fusing cutting-edge sounds and unparalleled party vibes within Poble Espanyol's complex of stunning and unique, open-air arenas. 

Lineups for Circoloco, Adam Beyer Presents Drumcode and WooMooN to be revealed soon.

Tickets for OFFSónar 2019 start at 20€. For info and tickets, head to:
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